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Mains GS Strategy

The UPSC exam is divided into three stages i.e., PT, mains and interview. Students need to prepare GS Prelims strategy to good score in Mains exam. There are four General studies papers in the mains exam of UPSC and each paper contains 250 marks. Students can score well if they will have UPSC and PCS exam guidance from experienced professionals.

PT and Mains are internally connected yet integrated. Thus, read it in comprehensive manner. Previous paper can be your guide to understand the nature of the question paper.

Optional paper must be prepared with priority and in good length. Basic books, notes, coaching, mentor, Test series, evaluation will be the key factors.   

What should be GS Prelims Strategy?

Prelims are the exam which filters the less eligible students for mains exam of UPSC. If any student is preparing for the first time and he/she can follow the GS prelims strategy and after writing the prelims exam, they can cover the UPSC mains GS Strategy. It includes world history, essay and other important topics. Also, cover the optional subjects before appearing for UPSC pre exam.

upsc mains gs strategy

According to experienced teachers and toppers, the best way to prepare for GS prelims and mains is students study for both exams simultaneously instead of doing preparation separately. It will help them to cover more topics in less time.  Also, above mentioned UPSC and PCS exam guidance will help you to score well in general studies.

Important Tips for Preparation

Many of the time it is seen that aspirants collect plenty of study materials from different sources and books to read. This deed leads them to get confused about the information as different books have different information. As result, they get rejected. It is that you follow only one book for one subject.

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The other mistake students usually do, that they search for shortcuts to prepare for UPSC exam. The ideal time to start your preparation is 2 years before appearing in the most famous exam by union public service commission. Follow the above mentioned smart tips and win your dream of becoming a Civil service officer. 

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