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सर्वोत्तम परिणाम, सिहन्ता की पहचान

About Sihanta IAS

Sihanta IAS academy is one of the Best IAS Institute in Delhi for the preparation of Civil Services Examination. It has been a privilege to teach more than 40000 students since 2002. More than 1800 aspirants could meet their destiny by qualifying UPSC and PCS exams under the committed and qualified guidance of Sri Rajnish Raj and the team SIHANTA. Our excellence is evident in the results varying from top ranks to top Marks as well. Along with History optional we started GS under the banner of GS academy and ICS with extraordinary success. Later on we moved to launch General studies under the banner of SIHANTA only. The only mission I have in my sight is the 500+ Marks in GS mains and hundreds of results in PT. We have proved on prudence in our past on account of meticulous, study material, consistent focus on conceptual clarity, regular answer writing to develop the applicational aspect and crafty as well as relevant writing skill. Scholarliness has been the cardinal principle of our institute but at the same time we are always committed to the professional aspect of the preparation which needed even harder and smart work. This is the secret of becoming Sihanta IAS Academy the Top UPSC institute in Delhi.

I invite you all the talented and ambitious aspirants to join our mission with a simple and solemn promise that you work hard with us we will work even harder for you.

Founding & Academic Director

Rajnish Raj

Managing Director

Nishtha Raj

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